Heating – redefined

Heat – everywhere & immediately

What is eHEATING?

The Heat is on.

The eHeating FLEX is just as well cared for in private households as it is in a professional context. Garden house, guest room, dacha in the countryside or waiting room, hairdresser and chic changing room, benefit from individual, flexible feel-good warmth.

What is infrared heat?

When heated with a conventional heater, the air in the environment is heated. Infrared heaters, on the other hand, emit so-called infrared light – also called heat radiation. This radiant heat heats furniture, floors, ceilings and walls. Many people describe the resulting warmth as very pleasant. This achieves a faster well-being. Another advantage of infrared heating is the stimulation of blood circulation. Likewise, this type of heating has a more direct effect and thus saves heating costs and increases humidity. By using the room thermostat, the desired room temperature can be conveniently kept constant

Infinite UP

Simple and easy to install – easy to store – feel-good warmth

The UP is a mobile eHeater for indoor use. The flexible heating system is 58 cm wide and 150 cm high. The UP consists of a solid aluminum cassette with integrated, IRsmartFlex film. The UP scores with a simple and fast setup.

  • Smart Infrared Heating System
  • In trendy colours and decors
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable for purchase and operation
  • 500W or 1000 Watt feel-good heat

Heating dimensions: 1500 mm x 580 mm

Heating temperature 70°C

Infinite Flex

Our most versatile model

The Flex is a flexible and mobile eHeater for indoor use. The heating sail can be set up flexibly, 58 cm wide and 150 cm high. The Flex can be hung as a sail, in the X-Banner frame or simply mounted on the wall. The Flex scores with a simple design, flexibility and lightweight. True to the motto – warmth – everywhere & immediately

    Heating dimensions: 1500 mm x 580 mm

    Heating temperature 70°C

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