Additive manufacturing with pure copper

The additive production of pure copper opens up new fields of application. For example, components with integrated electronics for electromobility benefit from the great design freedom of 3D printing. However, the handling of copper should not be underestimated: the positive material properties such as conductivity and ductility also bring disadvantages. To get around this, Infinite Powder has now developed a surface-modified pure copper that can be processed using standard SLM systems and enables thermal and electrical conductivity in the range of 90 IACS.>


Why pure copper?

Almost all industries value copper due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity. Unfortunately, it is precisely these two sought-after material properties that have made processing copper difficult to impossible in additive manufacturing. Infinite Powder has now solved this problem and developed a copper powder that can be processed with common laser systems.


What is Infinite Copper?

Infinite Powder Cu is made of pure copper and is used where excellent thermal or electrical conductivity is absolutely necessary – and conventional manufacturing processes fail. With Infinite Powder Cu, it is possible for the first time to process pure copper on standard SLM systems with infrared lasers without restrictions. The components printed using the SLM process achieve peak values in electrical and thermal conductivity of almost 90 IACS. With Infinite Powder Cu, new fields of application with extreme high-tech requirements can be tapped.


Compatibility in the SLM process?

Infinite Powder Cu is processed using the same established SLM process that our customers already use with other metal powders. Therefore, processing Infinite Powder Cu does not require hardware or software changes to the SLM system. All Metal Powders from Infinite Powder are compatible with all established systems on the market and can be used reliably.



Infinite Powder Cu uses a surface functionalization of metal powders developed by us, which makes 3D printing of copper possible for the first time with standard infrared lasers.

Our metal powders are particularly suitable for the following additive manufacturing processes:

  • Selective laser sintering (SLM)
  • Laser application welding (LMD)
  • Plasma Metallization / Digital Direct Metallization (DDM)







Metal powder


Infinite Powder Cu offers the possibility to produce copper components and machine elements with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity additively. This is the first time that the advantages and design freedoms of additive manufacturing are also available for highly conductive copper components. It has already been shown that the cooling performance of heat exchanger elements can be significantly improved by adapting the design to the flow mechanics.

Pure copper for 3D printing is now available to our customers all over the world. We are excited and very excited about what our customers will create with their inventiveness on your Infinite Copper SLM systems. Infinite Powder is changing production today – what are you waiting for?

Photo: Lightway GmbH & Co. KG


Easy processing in the SLM process

Infinite Powder Cu uses a surface functionalization of metal powders developed by us, which makes 3D printing of copper possible for the first time with standard infrared lasers.

In the additive production of pure copper, there is an unresolved problem for users and developers: The high conductivity and ductility of copper ensures that the laser shafts are already reflected on the copper surface, as in a mirror. In addition, the high conductivity of the copper means that heat energy is dissipated very quickly and the process window narrows extremely. The above-mentioned material properties therefore make it difficult to process copper using conventional laser-based processes. For example, SLM and LMD processes typically use red laser beams to melt the powder materials. However, since red lasers are strongly reflected by copper, components printed from copper powder have a very high porosity. For the quality of SLM components, it is also important to guarantee a uniform cooling process, which is only possible to a limited extent with the fast cooling copper parts.

In The Metal Powders of Infinite Powder, each powder particle is surrounded by a nanometer layer of a special infrared absorbing crystal lattice. This crystal lattice absorbs a very large part of the laser energy and thus causes a uniform melting of the copper particles.

The formation of a stable melting range almost completely prevents the formation of pores. Therefore, the resulting printed components have minimal porosities and have excellent conductivity in the IACS range of magnitude.

Photo: 30 micron metal particles Infinite Powder Cu with surface functionalization


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Pure copper for additive manufacturing is now available to our customers around the world. We are very much looking forward to seeing what our customers print with Infinite Powder Cu. Infinite Powder Cu is changing industrial production today – what are you waiting for?

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