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Feel-good warmth

Heating foils


Additional heating




Infrared heat

Easy and easy to install – easy to store. The heating roll-up.

Safety Low Voltage (SELV) – Safety for children and pets.

Heats a 20m2 room from 10°C to 22°C degrees in just 20 minutes.

The heatUP is a mobile infrared heater and at the same time has an antibacterial effect due to the heating of the room air by means of infrared radiation. The flexible heating system is 53 cm wide and 200 cm high. The heatUP consists of a solid aluminium cassette with integrated heatUP film made of soft PVC. It has a smooth, glossy surface, a thickness of 0.5 mm and is digitally printed. The heatUP display scores with a simple and fast setup – in addition to its function as a pure heating system, it can be used wherever mobile hygiene separation is required while providing comfort – for example, in front of counters, cash registers, counters, events or between tables in the catering industry. You can order the heatUp here at a reasonable price, a practical transport bag is included in the scope of delivery.

Energy efficient: 500 watts of thermal heat
Dimensions: 2000 mm x 600 mm
Power supply: 220 volts
Warranty: 2 years

Heating temperature 70°C



Radiation heat

  • Comfortable-natural radiant heat
  • Highly efficient and safe with 24V/42V low voltage
  • Invisible surface heating (wall, ceiling or floor)
  • Perfect as additional or main heating
  • For cold walls in old buildings
  • Simple technology with low-voltage connection
  • Can be combined with photovoltaics and storage technology
  • Affordable for purchase and operation

Feel-good warmth


Efficient & Durable

Infinite heatUPs take advantage of the exceptional heating performance achieved by modern flexible electronics. If these wafer-thin coatings are connected to a low-current circuit, real “feel-good heat” can be generated in a highly efficient, safe and inexpensive manner according to the radiation heating principle.

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