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Feel-good warmth

Heating foils


Additional heating




Infrared heat

Easy and easy to install – easy to store. The heating roll-up.

Safety Low Voltage (SELV) – Safety for children and pets.

Heats a 20m2 room from 10°C to 22°C degrees in just 20 minutes.

Energy efficient: Only 500 watts
Dimensions: 2000 mm x 600 mm
Power supply: 220 volts
Warranty: 2 years

Heating temperature 70°C



Radiation heat

  • Comfortable-natural radiant heat
  • Highly efficient and safe with 24V/42V low voltage
  • Invisible surface heating (wall, ceiling or floor)
  • Perfect as additional or main heating
  • For cold walls in old buildings
  • Simple technology with low-voltage connection
  • Can be combined with photovoltaics and storage technology
  • Affordable for purchase and operation

Feel-good warmth


Efficient & Durable

Infinite HEATups take advantage of the exceptional heating performance that modern flexible electronics achieve. If these wafer-thin coatings are connected to a low-current circuit, real “feel-good heat” can be generated in a highly efficient, safe and inexpensive manner according to the radiation heating principle.

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