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The aluminium PTC surface heating elements (Positive Temperature Coefficient) have high resistance variation properties depending on the ambient temperature. The self-regulating resistance change allows the material to produce high performance in the cold state while still having a low working temperature. The result is a perfect combination when heat needs to be applied in demanding applications and environments.

This also means that large areas can be kept at a very uniform temperature despite outside temperature fluctuations. These features make it ideal for a wide range of applications where exceptional performance is required:

  • If overheating is not acceptable for safety reasons
  • If stable and selective temperature control is of great importance
  • When available space and weight are critical in terms of the ability to handle extreme and variable temperatures,
  • When large areas need to be kept free of ice and snow


Building & Construction


Efficient & Durable

IRsmartWeb is a sustainable, energy- and cost-effective wall heating solution for indoor use.

IRsmartWeb converts electrical energy into comfortable warmth and warms up in the relaxation and therapy spectrum of natural sunlight.

The coordinated concept of wall covering and coating enables effective heat dissipation of up to 62% and is thus significantly superior to other wall heating systems.

A special aluminium heating film not only generates the heat, it also reflects the heat from the room and thus reduces energy consumption.

IRsmartWeb is applied like a wallpaper and connected to the power supply via pluggable connections. Operation is carried out with low safety voltage, which is provided via a compact and light switching power supply. No specialist electrician is required for installation.

Mobile Heating



Easy and easy to install – easy to store – feel-good heat

The IRsmartFlex is a mobile infrared heating system for indoor use. The flexible heating system is 58 cm wide and 150 cm high. The IRsmartFlex consists of a solid aluminium cassette with integrated IRsmartFlex film. The IRsmartFlex scores with a simple and fast setup.

  • Smart Infrared Heating System
  • In trendy colours and decors
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable for purchase and operation
  • 1000 Watt feel-good heat

Banner Designs

  • White
  • Black
  • Black Edition
  • White Edition
  • Customized Design

Enclosure Designs

  • Yellow
  • Night Green
  • Fresh Green
  • Night Blue

Dimensions: 1500 mm x 600 mm

Heating temperature 70°C




IR SmartWeb

IR SmartFilm


IRsmartWebthin film heaters can be integrated directly into a wide range of applications. With only 0.1-0.2mm thickness and the highly flexible material composite, they can be easily integrated into 3D moldings. They can be perfectly adapted to customer-specific requirements.

With our energy-efficient battery heating systems, our customers can operate their vehicles under extreme climatic conditions. Since low temperatures, e..B, drastically reduce battery life and capacity, the heat management of the battery module is crucial for ideal operation.


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